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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 22:43

Lowland Cup 2018 - Bulentin

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Here is the new bulentin v2 in pdf format available for download.

We already send it by email to alle registered pilots and judges.


We made some changes in the number of flights according to the FAI rules.

3 rounds of P-19 schedule for all pilots.

1 round of F-19 schedule for top 10 pilots.

End result is best 2 of 3 P-19 and F-19 (for top 10 pilots)


Click on Download Attachements link at the bottom of this article.

Friday, 22 June 2018 05:07

Lowland Cup 2018 - Update 2

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We are happy to present the last judge confirmed for judging the Lowland Cup 2018 Edition;

Philippe Marquet (BELGIUM) Confirmed



A bullentin for this event is on the way and will soon be emailed to al pilots and judges.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 01:05

Lowland Cup 2018 - Update 1

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We are happy to present 4 out of 5 Judges which are confirmed for judging the Lowland Cup 2018 Edition;

Peter Uhlig (GERMANY) Confirmed

Fred de Wit (NETHERLANDS) Confirmed

Esa Eirola (FINLAND) Confirmed

Emanuel Fernandez (PORTUGAL) Confirmed


A bullentin for this event is on the way and will soon be emailed to al pilots and judges.

Sunday, 18 February 2018 20:40


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Lunch will be available from 12:00 till 13:00 p.m on Saturday and Sunday for everyone who has lunch tickets.


Other sandwiches and tosti's will be available for people without lunch tickets and will be served for a longer period for spectators and off course everyone who is still hungry.

Cold softdrinks, coffee and tea will be available on site.

Click read more for the menu.

Monday, 05 March 2018 09:54

Lowland Cup 2018

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This year the Lowland Cup will be held on 25th and 26th of August.

The location for this event will be different from last year because the air force base was not free accessible for public. And there was no camping on site available.

We decided to take the Lowland Cup to the home RC flying club Delta located in Oss.

Friday, 17 February 2017 08:53

Hotel and camping Information

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Since we have found a new location for the competition our team has made a list of hotels and b&b's around the flying location.

Prices for a room vary from 52,00 EUR till 76,00 EUR.

Unfortunately we could't made any price agreements with the hotels but will do our best for next year.

On the new location it is also possible to camp on the site for more info click read more.

Friday, 17 February 2017 03:08

Banquet Information

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The menu for the 2018 Lowland Cup will be a fantastic Mixed Grill menu served with fries and salad and two sauses.

“Mixed Grill-plate”

  • Ham from the gril, with an honey-mustard gravy
  • Saté from chicken with Javan satésaus
  • Mini-burger, beef with bacon and cheddar

If you are a vegetarian please let us know we will arrange something else without meat.

The banquet will be held at the dining section in the Rusheuvel bowling centre which is about 2km from the flying field.

Costs are 35,00 EUR including 3 drinks.

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